Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pretty When She Dies Update and More!!!

I handed off the proof copy of Pretty When She Dies to the final proof reader on Tuesday. She was pretty excited to get her hands on it and gave me the biggest grin. I anticipate her getting the final edits back to me next Tuesday. After that, I just have to make the changes and upload to the publisher. I believe we are on track to have the book out the final week in November.

I've been handling a few queries about Pretty When She Dies, which I find very exciting. The As The World Dies Zombie Trilogy was originally online, so it had a built in fan base. I was a little concerned about Pretty When She Dies because it did not originate online. But the response at Fear Fest to the novel and the queries I have received do give hope that readers will find it intriguing.

The proof reader is loving the book and moving through it swiftly. It looks like we're on track!

I do feel that Pretty When She Dies has something to add to the vampire genre. It's a break away from the paranormal romance and recent urban fantasy novels. I'm not sure what I would classify it as, but it has got its own pulse going.

Meanwhile, I'm almost done with the As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive rewrite. I hope to have it with the editors sometime next week. Which feels AWESOME!

All in all things are going well right now. I can't complain. If you have any questions about the Indie Author movement or about the books, please drop me a line at gothgoddessrhia at

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