Saturday, December 6, 2008

Freakin' Zombies.! Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!??!

Last night, all I did was dream about zombies.


It was like watching an anthology of shorts with different people/families trying to escape on the first days of the apocalypse. Sheer insanity. One desperate family was trying to escape a FEMA camp where the zombies were amassing outside the fences, but more survivors just kept getting routed into it. Another was a group of teenagers trying to get home and the older sister makes a really bad choice (when one of the kids opened the back door, I forced myself to wake up). Another was a grandmother, mom, and their kids trying to find safe refuge. There were soldiers firing randomly at cars and people as they lost control of the population. People running on foot when their cars couldn't go any further.


It was awful.

I woke up and I was ragingly sick. Fever, swollen eyes, coughing, sore throat, asthma, the whole shebang.

I thought for sure I would have a nightmare about ghosts since we watched The Orphanage last night or about vampires, since I'm reading Tanith Lee's Blood Opera trilogy about the Scarabae.! I dream about...

...freakin' zombies.


Oh, well. More fodder for future stories, I suppose.

The first of the edits are coming in already on As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive. I'm excited. The first editor to finish reading loved the novel and she felt it didn't suffer from a sophomore slump. That was a massive relief. I want to keep the story taunt, exciting, but emotional.

Anyway, I'm gonna go lay on the sofa now and stare at the TV. I think I may watch the Resident Evil movies. I'm in a cheesy, goofy kind of mood.

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