Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Edits! Edits! And More Edits!!

Edits are a bitch! Oh, my gawth! Ugh.

But I do appreciate the people who take the time to edit my stuff and give me their opinions. It is very hard to see my own goofs. I often see what I think I should have written and not what I actually wrote. Having three different editors (sometimes four) going through my work is always a huge help. One English teacher, two English majors, and a writer/editor all look at my stuff. They all have their strengths and together I feel they give me a well-rounded critique.

As I have said before, if there is a goof up in any of my novels, I probably missed an editing note. I take the blame there. Since As The World Dies: The First Days was our first book, we didn't have our groove yet, so it may not be as clean as I hoped. But considering the amount of typos and other weirdness I find in all the books I've read lately by major publishers, I don't feel we've done too badly.

Yesterday, I showed my husband where in the book I was reading the main character's name was written two different ways in back to back sentences. He showed me errors in a book that has gone through multiple reprints since the 1950's. The typos were never corrected.

But we do not intend to slack off because everyone else is doing it. We actually hope to be even more stringent with any typos (though creative license is used sometimes to build tension in the story) and I know we did a lot better with edits in Pretty When She Dies and As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive.

Again, my best advice to anyone reading this who aspires to be a writer, get someone else to look it over and listen to their critiques.

One more thing...still have the migraine! So I may be slow in responding to emails and the such. The migraine recedes then hits again. It's really awful. My best friend had one for eight days straight that did the same thing. In Austin its Cedar Fever time, so I think everyone is suffering with extreme allergies right now.

In closing, special thanks to my editors. Connie, Kody, Michelle and Julie you rawk it!


  1. That's 'you rawk it,' fellow ho.



  2. *grumbles and makes the edit*


    Freakin' editors....*grins*


    I love you so much. <3

    But please don't make me a girl in your new novel... LOL!

  4. You do realize I will now have to name a female character Kody!!!!

  5. Cool.

    That's awesome.



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