Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wearing Sunglasses At My Computer...

No, I'm not trying to be an edgy, dramatic writer.

I just have the killer migraine from hell and the light sensitivity is killing me. In fact, every blind and curtain is drawn in my home right now.

The migraine hit late yesterday toward the end of my work day. I had a sinus headache for a few days and was taking sinus and allergy medication for that. But yesterday, a slow, terrible white explosion went off in the center of my brain and I knew a migraine had erupted. I immediately popped my meds and went to bed the second I got home. I got up a few hours later to eat and felt somewhat better, but the migraine was still there. More meds, back to bed, and it hit like a second tidal wave. of excruciating pain. By morning, it was raging and the slightest bit of light sent me reeling.

More meds, tell work I'm not coming in, back to bed...

Now it's lunchtime and I'm forcing myself to eat (though the migraine has me nauseous and shaky) so my meds don't eat up my stomach and make me feel worse, and hoping to God this is my last migraine of the year. Seriously, this sucker is BAD. Hence, the sunglasses.

Of course, writing this is probably obscenely stupid, but I just wanted to share how ridiculous I am about some of my writing stuff.

For example, I'm sitting here examining the pain, the shakiness, the light sensitivity, the muscle spasms, etc...for a character in the new book I'm writing. She has severe episodes associated with her special abilities and the symptoms of a massive migraine fit pretty well. So as I sit here, trying not to toss up my food and meds, I'm thinking about how to use this in my new novel.

Yes, I'm weird.

And the migraine is getting the best of me. A few more bites, then I'm going back to bed.


  1. As one who gets migraines now and then, I feel your pain. (Had an awful one just before '08 drew to a close)

    Meds + dark + bed + silence = bye-bye migraine.

    Hope all is well and I hope you don't ever get another one again.

  2. I would love it if I NEVER got another migraine. They are pure evil! UGH!

    This one keeps refusing to die.


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