Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As The World Dies: The First Days in eBook!

After we published Pretty When She Dies in eBook formats, we received requests to do the same with As The World Dies: The First Days. We've been very pleased with Smashwords and have now uploaded the first book in the zombie trilogy for all those who would like to download the book in formats for their eBook readers and other devices.

This is the link to the Smashwords page where you can buy your stripped down version of the book (no cover, no fancy formatting, etc), but with all the great zombie fun.

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  1. I bought As The World Dies yesterday and couldn't put it down. I just finished and am looking forward to the next in the series. Great book, thanks.

    I am just about to dive into your Vampire novel. Hopefully it will hold me over until the next book comes out in March.

    I hope Smashwords is working out for you. I love the model. I must admit though, the low price nearly made me not buy your book. More perceived value if it is at a higher price? Not sure, but I'm glad I did buy it.


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