Monday, March 9, 2009

ON SALE NOW-As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive!!!

As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive is on sale NOW at my online store located here. I am not sure when it will be on sale on, so if you want your zombie goodness with Jenni and Katie now, you can order it from my createspace store.
Please ignore the estimated date of arrival on your book. The books always arrive within 10 days or less. I'm not sure why there is such greatly exaggerated arrival dates listed on the online store.
We have uploaded the Kindle version to, but it has not gone live as of this post. We're not sure what the issue is, but hope to have it resolved.
All three of my novels are on sale at to support "Read an eBook Week."
But if you want a shiny, beautiful paperback of the latest adventures of Jenni and Katie, head over to my online store. (Plus, I get a bit more of a royalty if you buy it there.:)


  1. Congratulations on the release, Rhiannon!

  2. I feel a little crazy paying $26 for delivery when the book itself is only $15, but I cant wait till it comes out on Amazon.

    Really looking forward to getting this through my door!

  3. Thanks, A.P!
    I'm pretty excited about it.

    You're officially the most devoted fan in the world. I'm so touched. I hope you love the book!

  4. Well i am so excited!!! I just ordered your book.(Fighting to Survive) I cant wait to read it.....I loved your first book and Im sure this one will be just as good.

  5. I must confess I've been eagerly awaiting this one. The action really starts heating up from here on in, if my memory of ATWD on is anything to go by.

    I'll be curious to see what additions you've made to the story since then.

  6. I enjoyed the second book. I wasn't quite sure I was attached the the characters enough to pick it up, but I'm glad I did. I was fully expecting one of the five main folks (Jenni, Juan, Travis, Katie, or Nerit) to die.

    As a note, you may want to check out the Kindle version again. It's pretty rifle of formatting issues - mainly, with punctuation turning into weird symbols. Easy enough to read past, though, so it doesn't detract from the story.

  7. Elise, I'm glad you enjoyed it. That is always a good thing to hear!

    Did you buy your book off of or from

  8. Just grabbed a Kindle copy :)


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