Friday, March 6, 2009

Kindle Hates Me, But At Least As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive Will Be Available Soon

Yesterday was annoying in every way.

This included the time period in which we uploaded As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive to Kindle. It uploaded WRONG the first time and we couldn't delete the submission. I've sent an email for Amazon to correct the issue, but I'm not sure when that will happen. So if you're planning to buy a Kindle version of the book, make sure to buy the correct one here. It should be live today.

As for the paperback version, it appears Monday will be the day. The formatting issue continues with As The World Dies: Siege and I'm convinced its a conflict between Open Office and Word. I made the mistake of opening up both novels in Word, even though I formatted original in Open Office, and since then both of the novels keep getting their formatting screwed up. *sighs* I'm not sure how to correct this issue quite yet. I'm not letting it keep me from working on Siege though.


  1. I recently bought As The World Dies : The First Days on amazon. I haven't been able to put it down ! I can't wait for ATWD: Fighting to Survive and Siege !!! Keep up the AWESOME work you're doing ! :-)

  2. Thanks, gator!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the novel. As you can see, the second one just came out today. Your wait is so much shorter than those waiting since August!

    Thanks again for letting me know you're enjoying the novel.


  3. I just finished fighting to survive and it is incredible. Unfortunately I purchased the kindle version with the formatting issues but I just read through it anyway. I am looking forward to siege as soon as it comes out.


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