Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sexy Zombies? Vegetarian Zombies? Huh?


I was going to declare them one of the "safe" classical" monsters, but then it all seemed to go to hell after yesterday's post.

Taliesin reminded me that there is a vegetarian zombie in the new Day of the Dead and I stumbled across some chick lit with "pretty" zombies.

This is a review for Happy Hour of the Damned.
"Call them the splatterati - werewolves who always know what to wear, zombies with bodies to die for, and vampires who know their fang shui - just don't call them late when it comes to happy hour, or the drinks might be on you." --David Sosnowski, author of Vamped

I realized, in that moment, no monster is truly safe.

I'm revising what I was going to write about and may post it tomorrow.


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