Monday, June 29, 2009

As The World Dies: Siege Cover Ordered and More

I spent a good chunk of Saturday and part of Sunday struggling to use GIMP to make a collage of what I imagined the cover looking like to send to the amazing artist known as Detra to use as a reference. I'm new to GIMP so it was very slow going. Plus, my computer felt the need to update itself throughout the weekend and not play nice. This resulted in my final jpg being corrupted and unable to open.

So Detra ended up with stick figures with arrows and text saying things like "Jenni with an ax" and "zombie head." I hope he can make sense of it! I may post the new cover and my terrible stick figure cover in the near future.

Meanwhile, I am still working on ATWD:Siege. I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week to dedicate to the novel. My goal is to be done with the rewrite by Sunday afternoon. Then I'll dive into the edits for the first part of the book as I hand off the second half to the editor the following Monday.

My goal is to have As The World Dies: Siege out by August.

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  1. You're going to publish it on the Kindle like the other two right? Pwetty pwease?


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