Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Death Toll Climbs

I have been ignoring my blog due to writing, which I suppose is a good thing. The days are blurring together as I make progress on ATWD: Siege and ready some short stories for some new anthologies. I received some awesome news yesterday that one of my short stories will be in a new werewolf anthology edited by the amazing and prolific Eric S. Brown.

In other news, I am editing a new witches anthology for the Library of Horror Press. I'm very excited and so far the submissions have been pretty darn good.

There is more news brewing, but I can't share everything quite yet.

Things are going well with the option negotiation for the As The World Dies trilogy. Hopefully, once everything is signed and dotted, we'll be on the road to a freaking awesome zombie TV show or movie. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

Anyway, back to the grind. I'm determined to get ATWD:Siege out by early August. I'm getting your emails on a daily basis asking for it. Trust me, those emails keep the fire lit under my rear.

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