Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel-Online for Free for Limited Time

In celebration of Halloween and the release of my upcoming gothic vampire novel, The Tale of the Vampire Bride, I will be posting Pretty When She Dies for free. I will be uploading a chapter a day until the book is complete. I am unsure how long the book will remain online.

About Pretty When She Dies...

This is a modern tale of an unwilling vampire dealing with her new nature as she travels across Texas while being tormented by her powerful creator. It includes vampires, necromancers, vampire hunters, and zombies! It's more in the vein (hehehe) of True Blood than Twilight. No sparkly vampires here, but there are dangerous, sexy vampires, lots of action, hot sex, plenty of blood, and a form of zombie.

I hope you enjoy this free novel and if you do, please purchase a paperback copy at either my online store (click the cover of the book in the sidebar on the blog) or at

Please share this link with your vampire-loving pals!

Thank you and enjoy!

--Rhiannon Frater


  1. Rhiannon: I've read through your blog, and I think the story of how you went about self-publishing is just so amazing I wanted to tell everyone else about it. If you have time, please read the summary I wrote today on my blog. I'm open to either editing or deleting the entry if you wish.

  2. This is a great book! It's very cool that you are sharing it for free.

  3. And as an added bonus to this already great book. No sparkling vampires!!

  4. Excellent idea! I will be reading here and buying a copy for my book shelf as well.

    Best part is my bookshelf copy will be in perfect condition :)


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