Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Very Nice Shout Out From True Small Caps

I recently found out that Derek Canada, of the blog True Small Caps, wrote an entry on my success with the As The World Dies Trilogy. It was a reminder of how far I have come since the night my husband and I decided to release the books ourselves, and how unusual the success of the books is in the realm of self-publishing.

A snippet from the blog:
Normally, this blog is a just a list of the books I’ve read, but on the
blogosphere recently I came across a story that’s so amazing, I just have to
tell you about it. Self-publishing fiction is said to be waste of time. This is
a story of one writer who made it work.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how we "made it work," but I do know a huge part of the books success has been the fans.

Again, thank you for all your support. I really do appreciate it. The fans of the As The World Dies Trilogy have a lot to do with its continuing success. I am forever grateful.


  1. Thanks, Rhiannon. That's a nice surprise to find this morning (it's still only first-cup-of-coffee time here on the West Coast!)

  2. Congrats Rhiannon! I haven't yet read your series, but it's definitely on my 'to read' list; I like how you have two realistic women as the protagonists. I do think (and hope) that more people will realize the bigger publishing houses do not necessarily indicate quality, and many times good books are overlooked by them because of what is perceived as 'market trends'. Your success goes to show that there is indeed a market for smart horror.

    Best of luck on your upcoming Bride of the Vampire release!


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