Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Forum or Not To Forum....Eh, Let's Forum!

More than once last year, people asked me when I was going to start my own forum. Each time I shot the idea down, dismissing it as not necessary. I had a subforum at the time on the Permuted Press forums that I sometimes remembered to update, but not very often. A few fans tracked me down and joined the Permuted Press forum. I had no moderation rights over the subforum and didn't really think much about it as a whole. It was just another cog in the social network I had built up over time to support my writing.

Soon after the As The World Dies Option was signed and I had signed on with my literary agent, I realized it was time to grow up as a writer. I purchased and, asked Permuted Press to close my subforum down, and set about building a new platform for my writing career.

The website is still up and being tweaked. I hope to have up sometime this month as well.

Originally I had told myself I didn't need a forum. A lot of the author forums I have visited in the past are sporadic in their posts and usually have the most activity right at a new book's release. My personal Facebook page and the fan page for As The World Dies have been a good way of communicating with with fans. Yet, it was the fans asking for the forum. So what if it was sporadically posted on or only busy when a new release comes out. If the fans are happy, that is what counts.

Now that Brad (of Don't Look in the Podcast) has helped me get a very nice forum going, I'm really glad we did it. A forum does provide a very different experience than Twitter and Facebook.

So, if you have the desire to ask a questions, discuss the books, or just connect with other fans, please feel free to join us at the forum (aka The Fort) and dive right in.

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