Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As The World Dies: Siege Kindle Version Temporarily Not For Sale

Two fans let me know that the As The World Dies: Siege Kindle version was no longer for sale on I looked into the situation and I followed the advice Amazon gave to get it back on sale (until it is permanently pulled in about a month or so).

Evidently, with a lot of the new options and upgrades that are going on, some of the books published before the changes require more information to be entered in the listing. I had to enter whether or not I wanted the book to have DRM or not. I chose not to have DRM.

It may take several days before it is back on the Kindle store.

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  1. I just came to your site to email you about this! I am almost done with Book Two, went to download Three, and was very disappointed that it wasn't available on Kindle.

    Just checked Amazon's listed as a Kindle book but says it is unavailable. I hope it becomes available soon!!

    By the way...LOVE the books! : )


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