Friday, May 21, 2010

As The World Dies Untold Tales: Lydia's Story

The first As The World Dies Untold Story is now up on my forum. It's the story of Lydia, Katie's wife, on the morning of the zombie rising.

I won't lie. This one was a little hard to write. This story has always been in my mind since I first wrote the series, but it just didn't fit into the narrative of the first book. I decided to add it to my ATWD: Untold Tales when the producer was asking me about Lydia and Katie on the morning of the zombie rising.

So here it is...finally. The story of Lydia and how she came to meet her terrible fate on that lovely fresh spring morning.


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  1. Hey Red Death Lady,

    Just happened to swing by to see how you're doing and I'm pleased to see how productive you've been. I've yet to see your book, though it is my intention to pick up a copy (of each, naturally). Congratulations!



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