Friday, September 23, 2011

THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE is Now Available in Ebook Formats

Yesterday I announced that you can order the paperback version of the second book in the Vampire Bride series through my estore.  If you like having a physical copy of your favorite books, you need to snag this one.  It's absolutely beautiful with a glossy cover thanks to Philip Rogers and a lovely interior layout thanks to Kody Boye.

Today the ebook versions are starting to go live.  At you can order most ebook versions of the book.

On there is a listing for a Spanish version of the book, but this is an error.  There is only the English version.  You can order the Kindle version by clicking the widget.

The Kindle version may become unavailable when they fix the listing error, so grab a copy quick.

As soon as the paperback version of the novel becomes available on, I will post an update.

I hope that all the fans of the original enjoy the sequel!  I look forward to your thoughts.

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