Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Awesome Reviews of PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES

Two new reviews went up in the blogsphere for my modern vampire novel.  I'm thrilled!  PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES was released in 2008 and has just in the last year found its audience.  It appears to be gaining momentum, which is awesome!

I have to say this is the most amazing Vampire book I have read in a long long time.  Rhiannon Frater you have blown my mind thank you!  This book had me hooked from start to finish.--KZ Book Blog

I seriously hope there will be a sequel, because I love these characters. And if you're looking for a really good adult vampire story, you should definitely read Pretty When She Dies. -- Love of Books Blog

Also, I'm very excited about an upcoming event in November. Four different book blogs will be hosting a PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES read-a-long. There should be an official post soon to give you all the details.  Here is the awesome button The Bookish Brunette created for the event.

As soon as the details are released, I will post them here.  Meanwhile, you can buy PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES at and prepare for this fun event.

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  1. Pretty When She Dies ROCKED MY FREAKING FACE off!!! I loved it! Can't WAIT to start the read along!


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