Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Information on BLOOD & LOVE AND OTHER VAMPIRE TALES

Behold!  The amazing cover for my short story collection about vampires!

Artwork by Claudia McKinney of

Isn't it beautiful? I am just completely in love with the fabulous artwork by Claudia McKinney. You may recognize her name from other popular covers she has created for numerous authors. She created the beautiful cover for J.L. Bryan's JENNY POX novel and the cover for PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS.

I'm extremely excited to have her artwork on my short story collection BLOOD & LOVE AND OTHER VAMPIRE TALES.  The stories were written over a span of fifteen years and includes my very first published short story (revised for this collection).
Award-winning author Rhiannon Frater delves deep into the vampire mythos in her new short story collection featuring the beautiful, but deadly undead.
Spanning a hundred years and a diverse cast of characters, Rhiannon explores the themes of loneliness, revenge, blood and love in six tales.
How far will the bloodthirsty vampires go to find love, revenge, and family?  Discover the truth in Love & Blood and Other Vampire Tales.

You can add the book to Goodreads by clicking the button.

 BLOOD & LOVE AND OTHER VAMPIRE TALES will be a Kindle exclusive and will be published on March 7, 2012.  

Due to the length and size of this new book, the paperback version will be offered exclusively through my own websites.  It's 5" x 8" and is very slim since it contains only 6 short stories (though a few are quite long).  To keep the cost down for the readers and still provide a small profit to cover book costs, the dead tree copy will be priced around $5.00.  If I were to offer it on or Barnes & Noble, due to the cost of printing and the royalty the stores take out, the price would be higher.

My assistant, Kody Boye, and I are working diligently to make this small tome as beautiful as possible.  Not only do we have the fabulous artwork of Claudia McKinney for the cover, we are also making sure every page is beautiful.

Check out these interior samples:
Kody Boye's fancy interior design

Of course, each book will come personally autographed.

You can pre-order now.  Your book will be sent to you as soon as our shipment arrives.

I am so happy to release this tome of vampire fiction for all the fans of my vampire novels.


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