Friday, March 2, 2012

Read PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES for FREE or Purchase for .99 on Kindle

PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES has garnered quite a following since its original release in 2009.  Though it limped out of the gate right after publication, it slowly built up a very solid fan base.  I had hoped to write a sequel to the story in 2010, but my zombie series AS THE WORLD DIES ended up swallowing most of 2010 and 2011 with revisions for Tor, its new publisher.

Now that SIEGE is about to hit the bookstores in April 24, 2012, I am finally able to direct my attention to new projects.  At last I am writing about the world of Amaliya.  I just love necromancers, vampires and zombies.  I'm so excited to finally bring PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS to the die-hard fans in 2012. (No, there is no official publication date yet).

But meanwhile, I decided to take the plunge with Amazon's new KDP program.  What does this mean exactly?

If you own a Kindle, you can read PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES for FREE!  If you don't have a Kindle but want to read the ebook, you can download the Kindle App to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and purchase the ebook for only .99.

Paperbacks for the novel are still $10.95, but you can also purchase an autographed copy from me at my online store.

To borrow the book (if you have a Kindle) or purchase the ebook for only .99 follow this link:

In the next few months, I'll announce the release date for PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS and have several special giveaways.

NOTE:  If you borrow or purchase the Kindle copy, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!  This will improve your chances of winning an autographed copy of both PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES and PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS in the future.


  1. Thanks for the head's up. I picked up my Kindle copy yesterday. :)

  2. Yolanda,

    I hope you enjoy it!


  3. I am devouring everything you write. I am all about zombies and your zombie books are the best (pre-ordered 'As the World Dies Bk. 3' - when will tomorrow get here?!). So, having read all your zombie books I could buy on Amazon, I was jonesing for more of your writing and vampires ain't my thang...but Pretty When She Dies was fantastic! If you write it, I'm buying it. Lordy mercy, save me from your writing spell! ;)

    I am looking forward to a pt 2!

    Best, Chula
    Sacramento, CA


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