Saturday, March 24, 2012

Discussing Ken & Lenore, the Tigger and Eeyore of AS THE WORLD DIES with Kody Boye-Untold Tour Day 13

Today's stop on the UNTOLD TALES blog tour is at the website of fellow author, Kody Boye.  I've known Kody for a very long time and he has been a massive supporter of my career since the publication of the original self-published version of THE FIRST DAYS in 2008.  He is a young, brilliant upcoming name in fiction, and I firmly believe he has a great writing career ahead of him.

Kody Boye is also an openly out of the closet gay young man and my own "gay boyfriend."  Yes, he has heard those nefarious words, "Bitch, I'm having a bad day. Get in the car. We're going shopping!"  That being said, he has been a loyal and wonderful friend to me and my husband through the years and we consider him part of the family.

Therefore, who best to discuss the very popular Ken and Lenore and their funny, fabulous friendship in the AS THE WORLD DIES trilogy and their own untold tale in VOLUME 2?

Click here to see my discussion with Kody Boye about the Tigger and Eeyore of the AS THE WORLD DIES universe.

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