Thursday, March 15, 2012

Untold Tales Blog Tour Day 4 - Open Your Mind

Today's Untold Tales Blog Tour stop is at the blog of Susan Kaye Quinn, a successful YA Indie author.  Susan is the author of one of my favorites reads of the year so far, OPEN MINDS.  

I recently started reading YA to educate myself on the genre after Kody Boye and I decided to dive into these unknown waters with a YA story idea of our own. I discovered OPEN MINDS through The Bookish Brunette blog (I swear Ashley is the center of the blogverse at times) and downloaded it to my tablet to read in my Kindle app. Once I started reading, I could not stop!  OPEN MINDS is one of the absolute best sci-fi books I've read in ages.  I was blown away.  I immediately started telling everyone and their dog to read the book. You can read my review at Goodreads here.

Susan and I started communicating via Goodreads and Twitter and at the beginning of this month we had a discussion on her blog about my "hybrid" author status.  Being a hybrid author means that I have been both self-published and traditionally published.  As the ebook revolution continues, more and more authors are taking control of their own careers and embracing both paths to publication.  

Today Susan and I discuss how being a hybrid writer inspired me to publish the UNTOLD TALES series.

Check out the continuation of our conversation here.  

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