Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buy Fighting to Survive for $8.00 and Get A Special Promo Item

Today is the big day that SIEGE is shipping out of the warehouse to your local bookstores.  I'm so excited!  It feels great to know that the final book of the trilogy is finally on it's way to the eager hands of my fans.

To celebrate the upcoming release of SIEGE, I am reducing the price of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE on my online store to $8.00 (plus shipping and handling) for TODAY ONLY.

The first six orders will receive an autographed flat of either FIGHTING TO SURVIVE or SIEGE.

What is a flat?

I took a photo with my phone, so its not the best quality.  Basically, it is the cover of the book without the book tucked inside.  It's great for framing and putting on the wall.

The flats are the cover of the book

The flats also include the interior text to the book.
I have four extras of SIEGE and two of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE available for this promotion.  The first two people to order will get to pick which flat they receive.  I will email the buyers in the order in which they purchased the books to find out their preference.  I can either autograph the exterior or interior of the flat.  

Flats are usually just the property of the agents and the writers, so this is a great fan collectible.

Anyone ordering the books after the flats are sold out will be put on a list to receive two AS THE WORLD DIES bookmarks when we get our shipment hopefully in May.

I have a limited number of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE available.  Once they sell out, I will not be restocking the trade paperback of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE.

Click here to order your autographed copy of FIGHTING TO SURVIVE today!

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