Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Horror, YA, Suspense, & Zombie Books

Just a quick update today.  I've been on a buying spree the last few weeks as tons of awesome books have gone on sale on Kindle.  Some are new discoveries, others are by good friends.  The Bookish Brunette started listing book deals on her blog and I think its a great idea!

To read a Kindle book, you need either an actual Kindle or a Kindle App.  The Kindle App is available for most smart phones, tablets, and other media devices.  You can see their full list here.  The app is FREE.


Author Kody Boye is offering many of his works for free this week.  Also, JL Bryan's amazing JENNY POX novel is still free as is the first book in Amanda Hocking's zombie series.

Zombie Novel
Short Story Collection
Dark Fantasy Novella
Horror Nove
Zombie Novel

 .99 Cents
Three of my own books are on sale!  As is the amazing first book in JL Bryan's new YA series.  
Vampire Short Story Collection
Vampire Horror Novel
YA Fairy Book (with rock and roll) 

YA Zombie Novel

 For 2.99

I've been downloading a ton of new books on my Kindle, but I cannot recommend these two novels enough.

YA Science Fiction Thriller

YA Paranormal Thriller

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  1. These look great I just got a kindle fire so I downloaded most of your picks look great thanks


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