Monday, April 30, 2012

The Truth About Book Signings

With the release of SIEGE, the final book in the AS THE WORLD DIES trilogy, many of my fans have been expecting a book tour. I do have a few appearances booked.  (You can see them here.)

I was thrilled to be in Houston this last Saturday at Murder by the Book and had a lot of fun discussing the origins of SIEGE, the revisions, and how awesome it has been to hear from the fans. I'll also be in Dallas at Texas Frightmare Weekend and will have a book signing at the fabulous BookPeople here in Austin.  We're also working on setting up a few more book signings around Texas.

But what about the rest of the US, you might ask? Or Canada? I've even had Italian fans asking when I'll be there.

The truth is...uh...when I'm a much bigger name than I am right now.

The reality is that when I appear at a book signing, the expenses are coming out of my own pocket.  My hubby and I are paying for our own transportation, lodging, traveling expenses, etc. ourselves.

The big national book tours for big name authors are a whole other ballgame. Amanda Hocking, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, and other well-known authors who make appearances across the country (and the world) are national bestsellers. The big publishers behind their books are more than willing to put up the money for tours because they know that author is worth their weight in gold pretty much.  Book tours are expensive and that is why a lot of lesser known authors (like me) often don't end up touring.

When fans ask me when I'll be in their area of the country, I always tell them the same thing.

"One day when I'm a much bigger author."

They often think I'm putting myself down, but I'm really not.

I'm pleased with my success so far and hope to build on it.  I hope/plan/dream of garnering more fans, selling more books, and having a very successful career. I am very appreciative of the fans I have now and I'm always thrilled when a new one drops me a line to tell me they recently discovered my work.  I hold my fans in very high regard because I know I would not have any measure of success as writer if not for them.  They mean the world to me.  And I would love to visit the town of every fan out there (or at least a nearby city), but that may not be for a few more years (or longer).

Hopefully, one day, I'll have a national tour, but for now I will mostly be appearing in Texas.  I will keep you posted if I appear out of state and give you all the details.

Hopefully, I will see you soon.

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