Saturday, August 25, 2012

Audio Book Fans! Big News!!

This last week was pretty exciting for me.  Two new audio books went on sale on and!

First off, get ready for PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS by listening to the awesome new audio book narrated by  Kristin Allison. She did such a great job with the voices and action sequences. You're going to love this audio book!

PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES remains one of my favorites simply because I got to mash up zombies, necromancers, and vampires and plunk them in the middle of my home state of Texas.

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Purchase by clicking links.

Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel (Unabridged) - Rhiannon Frater

I strongly feel that the zombie book I wrote for my nieces and nephews is one of my best.  It was truly a challenge to write about the zombocalypse from the viewpoint of children. It was immensely nerve-wracking to find the balance in the action/violence/gore quotient, since my goal was to write a book for children that adults would also enjoy. The narration for the book is perfect. Erik Sandvold just nails the voices of the kids and the adults.

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Purchase by clicking links.

The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters: A Young Adult Zombie Novel (Unabridged) - Rhiannon Frater

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