Saturday, September 1, 2012

Updates and Big News!

I thought I would take a few minutes to write a post about the latest happenings in my writing career. I sometimes forget what I've posted on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog, so I thought I'd give you a quick round up.


  • All three books have been bought by Polish publishing house, Vesper.  I'm so excited that the entire series will become available in the Polish language over the next few years.
  • THE FIRST DAYS Italian edition is making the jump to the ebook format.  
  • The producer who optioned the books has not given up trying to bring the series to TV. Don't give up hope!
  • AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES is delayed until either late this year, or early next year due to my contractual obligations. 
Audio Book Update
  • PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS and THE LIVING DEAD BOY AND THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS are now available at, itunes, and You can read about their release here.
  • THE LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING audio book will be released sometime in September. I will keep you posted.
  • THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE audio book is close to completion. I will keep you updated on this project as news becomes available.
  • AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES VOLUME 1 is being made into an audio book and the narrator plans to do the second and third volumes as well.


  1. You have me excited just reading about all that is happening for you. You must be on cloud nine and spinning in circles at the same time.

    1. This is one great big adventure! It's can be really exciting at times.



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